3D Modeling


Homework Due 12/13/17: Work with your partner to write a 5 sentence pitch for your animated movie. Be creative with it and use this paragraph as a means to introduce us to your 2 characters.

Homework Due 10/4/17: Work on your OpenSCAD project for a minimum of 30 minutes outside of class.

Homework Due 9/13/17: Go to the OpenSCAD website and download the program on your home computer. It is important that you have access to this 3D modeling tool outside of school when you need it for larger projects.
Click Here -> OpenSCAD Download Website




“It’s Alive” Project must be ready to present to the class on 1/7/15.

Due 12/4/15: Draw a picture of the back of someone’s head. This will be checked and graduated for participation in the assignment. You are expected to do your best work, artistic integrity will not be evaluated.

Due 12/8/15: The Pixar Notes assignment – A Major Graded Assigment

  1. Watch your Pixar movie and enjoy it!
  2. Watch the Pixar movie a second time with the director commentary turned on
  3. Take notes, during the screening, about the technological accomplishments of the film, the ways in which design and story work together, and other interesting factoids that are discussed. You should have at least one FULL page of notes upon completion of the film.

Starting Sculptris projects. Download Sculptris for Windows Here or Sculptris For Mac Here.

Due 10/21/15: Your OpenSCAD 3D Model of either of a vehicle, building, piece of architecture, or character is due at the beginning of class. We will start the Modular Trade-off project on Wednesday.

Due 9/17/15: Think about our conversations about entrepreneurship. Write down 3 problems that you think you could solve with 3D printing. Prepare to discuss them in class.
Additional Resources:
3D Printing Ted Talk
Plastic Injection Molding

Due 9/15/15: Review Kyungmin Woo’s website and watch the demo reel. Prepare to talk about your observations in class.
Additional Resources: Johnny Express (2014) short film

Due 9/10/15: Come to class prepared with a spiral notebook, class folder, and writing utensil. Read over and sign the Grading Rubric.

2013 3D MOdeling Class
Homework Due 12/18/14:

  • Complete 1 humanoid character, using the pieces you developed for the Potato Head World Building project. It is imperative that you complete this in a timely manner as we will be rigging them when we return from break.
  • Meet in the Pheonix Center at 1:25PM on Thursday 12/18/14 to ensure that you make it to the bus on time for the field trip.

Homework Due 12/8/14: Complete paperwork for the field trip to SUNY Upstate Medical University’s 3D Lab

Homework Due 11/25/14: Complete your 1 research paper page (12 pt Times New Roman font, single spaced).

Homework Due 11/21/14:

  1. Read and annotate all three of your sources (reviewed and graded in class).
  2. Develop an annotated bibliography with all three sources.
  3. Create a Pen Name intended for publication

Homework Due 11/19/14: In preparation for your research articles you must accomplish the following (this is a graded assignment):

  1. Determine your research angle and prepare to present it to the class
  2. Find and print three articles that can be used for your research.

Homework Due 11/10/14: Complete your Film Commentary Notes.
You are to watch one of the following films: Treasure Planet, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, or A Bug’s Life. You will then watch the film again with director commentary. While listening to the commentary track you will take two pages of notes detailing different 3D modeling techniques, innovations in technology, or computing skills that were used to complete the film. In your notes make sure to be detailed and explain what the creators are saying. We will use these notes to discuss the creative process for CGI films. This assignment will be graded.

Homework Due 10/10/14: Write the Self-Analysis Paper for the OpenSCAD Project and have it ready to turn it at the beginning of class. All other aspects of the project, Detailed Design Piece and Modular Tradeoff, are to be ready for presentation.