8th Grade Technology


Homework Due 1-9-19: Come to class prepared with your completed PowerPoint projects. This means that you have finished your Jeopardy and Maze games. If you need time to work outside of class you are always welcome to come during tutorial or after school.

Homework Due 12-12-18: Students who presented must fill out their CIS Grading Rubric (handed out in class today). Please make sure to read all of the blocks, circle the ones that apple to you, and write a note for each category. If you have not presented yet, this will be due on Friday December 14.

Homework Due 12-4-18: In your notebook, write a list of materials that you will need to create your tutorial video or website. Gather all of the material and bring it to class on Tuesday. This means, if you need to video edit in class that you should shoot all of your videos over the weekend. Tuesday and Thursday will be your ONLY time in class to work on your projects.
Homework Due 11-28-18: Come to class with your Tutorial Breakdown Worksheet completed, printed out, and ready to discuss. Make sure that all of your steps are detailed and that the worksheet can be used as a script to create your tutorial.

Homework Due 11/15/18: Using the types of resources you discovered in class today, choose a skill that you want to learn or start to learn. Spent a minimum of 30 minutes (in one sitting) trying to learn a new skill. This can be ANY skill but should be something new to you. If you have any questions about what is an appropriate type of skill, please come talk to me.

Homework Due 11/13/18: Now that you have done some research and created your own origami, it’s time to try making something complicated on your own. Over the weekend, I want you to do two things:
1) Using resources you have at home (I.E. the internet) find a complex origami piece to make on your own time. Please do not use scissors or tape. You must write down the sources in your notes and bring the origami piece into class.
2) Do some more research about types of origami and write down the type of origami that you created.

Homework Due 11/8/18: Do some research about Origami. I want you to answer the following questions in a Google Doc that you will print and turn in to me:
-What is origami?
-When was it invented? What is its history?
-Where is origami popular?
-What are some fun facts about origami
-What are the different types of origami? (name two and tell me what they are)


Homework Due 10/3/18: We will be working on creating Jeopardy style PowerPoint games. Come to class prepared with a topic to create a Jeopardy game. Topic must be something you know a lot about.

Teaching The Tutorial Project Due Dates
Homework Due 9/18/18: Complete the Tutorial Breakdown Worksheet and Self Learning portions of the project.
Homework Due 9/21/18 and 9/25/18: Come to class prepared for an independent work day. This means that you have all the materials necessary to edit your video or website during the 80 minute block.
Homework Due 9/27/18: Come to class prepared to present your tutorial. This means that your tutorial must be complete prior to the start of class.

Homework Due 9/12/18: Complete your origami notes and the first portion of the Teaching The Tutorial Project (teaching yourself and folding an origami piece of medium difficulty)
Your origami notes should include the following:
-What is origami?
-When was it invented? What is its history?
-Where is origami popular?
-Fun facts about origami
-What are the different types of origami?


Tutorial Project Due 12/12/17. You are to work on this project outside of class time. If you have questions, remember our conversation about self advocacy (come ask me questions!).

Homework Due 11/15/17: In preparation for your tutorial projects, come to class prepared with a well thought out list of 3 items you feel comfortable teaching another person. One of these will be the basis for your project.

Homework Due 11/13/17: Using an online resource, create an moderately difficult origami project at home. Write down the website that you used, or the name of the article/video, in your notebook.







Project Due 9/25/17: You should arrive to class with your completed Tutorial Development project (Origami piece, worksheet, final version of your tutorial, and prepared questions for your presentation).

Homework Due 9/14/17:
1. Finalize your idea for the Online Tutorial project. Decide what you’re doing to teach, what medium you will use, and how you are going to teach it.
2. Complete the Online Tutorial Worksheet. <-Click The Link

Homework Due 9/12/17: This weekend’s homework consists of two parts:
1. Using an online resource (youtube is permitted) complete an origami project of medium difficulty. You should not have to use anything other than a sheet of paper and your hands. If you ask yourself “is this too easy” it most likely is. Do not spend more than 30 minutes trying to create your origami piece. Make sure to write down the resource you used (if it’s a youtube video please write down the exact name of the video).
2. Brainstorm what type of tutorial you are interested in creating. In your notebook, write down 3 separate ideas for a tutorial that you could create.

Homework Due 9/8/17:
-Obtain a notebook, folder, and writing utensil for class. Come to class prepared with these items.
-Spent a minimum of 10 minutes using the internet to learn a new skill. This skill can be ANYTHING as long as it’s something you feel comfortable sharing with the class. Keep track of the resources you use and how successful you are with them.






Project Due 11/2/16: PowerPoint projects should be complete and ready for grading. Make sure they are saved to your class folder.

Homework Due 9/15/16: Search online for an origami project that you have never made before. Grab a sheet of paper and complete the project independently. This should be created by you and you alone. Bring your creation to class.



Homework Due 12/18/15: For homework you will complete your resume project by doing the completing the following objectives:

  1.  Edit, finalize, and print out the resume you have been working on in class. This version of the resume must meet the criteria below.
  2. Review your resume with a parent, guardian, or teacher. Have them mark up your paper and edit for wording, formatting, and organization.
  3. Using the feedback from your parent, guardian, or teacher, you will create a second edit of the resume that incorporates their suggestions. This should be the final edit of your resume that is ready for grading.

Resume Project Due Date is 12/18/15. The resume must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must fill, but not exceed, 1 page.
  2. Must use After Spacing and Hanging in order to format (Microsoft Word: Highlight text, Right click text, click “paragraph”)
  3. Only use one font throughout the document
  4. Demonstrate a balance when using Underline, Bold, and Font sizing. The resume should have a natural flow.
  5. All headings, bullets, descriptions, dates, should be equally aligned throughout the document. This means, for example, that all dates should be lined up at the same place.


Homework Due 12/15/15: Your resume must contain ALL of the information contained on the Credential Organization Worksheet as well as include a successful and complete objective.

Homework Due 12/8/15: Complete the Credential Organization Worksheet that was handed out in class today. Upon completion of the worksheet, review your responses with a parent/guardian and a friend who knows you very well. Encourage them to give you ideas for new skills and talents that you may not have considered. This assignment will be graded and reviewed in class.

Homework Due 12/4/15: Find two resumes from people working in different fields. These must be complete resumes found in PDF format of ACTUAL PEOPLE. Do not use sample resumes. Please email the PDF files to yourself and print copies to dissect in class. This is a graded assignment.

Homework Due 11/13/15: Come to class prepared with an notebook devoted to class, a folder, a writing utensil, and an open mind ready to tackle an engineering project.




Technology article deadlines:

  • Due 11/2/15: Revise paper with my feedback then have it read by 2 additional adults. Make sure that you tell them that this article WILL BE PUBLISHED. Revise your paper one last time with their feedback and prepare to turn it in on Monday. This will be your final major graded assignment for class.
  • Due 10/27/15: Complete an initial draft of your technology article. The article should be 3/4 of a page, showcase your research, and be ready for publication on MPH technology. This will be graded.
  • Due 10/23/15: Read and annotate ALL of your tech articles. This will be a checked and graded assignment.
  • Due 10/21/15: Read and annotate two of your articles. This will be a checked and graded assignment.
  • Due 10/19/15: Take your chosen topics and find three substantial sources to print and bring to class. It is EXTREMELY important that your sources contain the information you need. Review them before you print them. A source with just a few lines about the source do not count.

Current Project:
Create a “Thank You” card for someone who has had a positive influence on you. You will create 2, 4 inch by 6 inch, documents at 300dpi. One image is for the outside of the card, the other is for the inside.
-The outside of the card must contain at least three images
-The inside of the card must contain at least two images
-Both sides must include a text box
-Content of the card must be a compliment to this person. Jokes are permitted but they need to be responsible, genuine, and appropriate.

10/6/15: Your resume project is due! All projects not handed in at the beginning of class will lose 10% per class.

Due 9/30/15: Come to class prepared with an additional list of skills to add to your resume. This list will be checked for homework.

Due 9/28/15: Find two resumes in PDF form of people who work in a career you are interested in. Print them, annotate them, and prepare to present them for discussion on Monday. This will be a graded assignment.

Due 9/24/15: Search online for a resume of someone who has a career you are interested in. Print it out, annotate it, and prepare to discuss your findings in class.

Due 9/20/15: Review the extracurricular resumes you were handed in class. Create a list of extracurricular activities you partake in inside and outside of school. Make the list as long an extravagant as you can. You will begin Microsoft Word in class and will need this list.

Due 9/15/15: Think about our conversation about productivity software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, Cloud Storage). Write down four project that you would make with that software. Make sure it includes your own personal interests.

Due 9/10/15: Come to class prepared with a spiral notebook, class folder, and writing utensil. Get ready for digital caricature creation.