Advanced Media Arts

Homework Due 2/4/15: Work for a minimum of 2 hours researching and starting work on your project. Post the following information on the website before next Tuesday.

  • Objectives you hope to accomplish within the semester
  • A list of all of the resources that you have discovered and plan to utilize.
  • Most specifics about your research (Chris – cover trends in ios app sales, Amina – Talk more about vector imagery in Photoshop and graphic design in general)



Fall Semester:

Final Assignments For Advanced Media Arts – ALL DUE January 15, 2015

  1. Finish all Website Objectives (Should be located in your email from December)
  2. Write a 1 page (12pt Times New Roman Font, double-spaced) Self-Analysis paper that outlines your successes with the project, struggles, and where you want to take the website in the future.

Homework due twice per week (every week) in the 2nd quarter: You are to post your progress on as a “post.” This post must consist of the following:

  1. A title that is formatted with the title of your website and a few words expressing your updates
  2. A screenshot of your website prior to your editing it
  3. A paragraph of at least 6 sentences explaining your process, accomplishments, and trials. You need to clearly express to me what work you have done or tried to do.
  4. A screenshot of the website after your updates

These updates will clearly demonstrate the effort that you have put into the course over the second quarter.

Due October 17:

  • Familiarize yourself with your WordPress site by installing themes and plugins then experimenting with them
  • Get your FTP set up so that you can further access your website
  • Finalize all of the content on your website. This includes creating pages, posts, and have all pre-written content uploaded.
  • You should spend roughly 4 hours in total working on your site before returning to class.

Due September 19:

  • Prepare ALL content for your WordPress website
  • Research and download the free WordPress theme that you want to use for your website
  • Create, manipulate, edit, and practice using the WordPress dashboard by registering for a website on