Advanced Programming

Project Due 2/14/19: Scratch Arcade Game Project due at the beginning of class. Games will then be installed in a public place for students to test out.





Download Starcraft:


Homework Due 6/1/17: Review the C.H.I.P documentation here:
Review the Pico-8 documentation here:
Use these as resources while you work with your C.H.I.P computer. Try to determine what functionality you would want with one of these computers at your disposal.


Homework Due 5/23/17: Hook up your CHIP computer and see what it can do. Determine how the operating system functions, what Pico-8 can do, and what programming languages you can easily use with the computer. If you require additional hardware please let me know.

Homework Due 5/19/17: Research your chosen programming language and come to class prepared with a game plan as to how you will learn about it and what types of things you are interested in programming with it.

Processing Project Due 5/8/17: Remember that you are expected to work on your project a minimum of 30 minutes each day outside of the class time.

Homework Due 3/23/17: Research your “mission” and write a program that demonstrates your knowledge of the Processing topic.

  • Sarah
    • Replicating the same shape (PShape?)
  • Jared
    • Write a program using mouse click that includes a for statement
  • Charles
    • Research the output. What types of apps and projects can be created with Processing? Provide at least 5 examples.
  • Kyleigh
    • Translate/rotate/scale
  • Meghan
    • If/else statements
  • Wyn
    • Import media (jpgs and gifs)
  • Nathan
    • Input from the keyboard (drawing with letters)
  • Will
    • Different types of variables (int, float, and others)
  • Henry
    • Frame rates and simple animation

Class 2/15/17 Work:
Announcement: Due to the snow day, and my absence today, the Scratch arcade will be postponed until the Tuesday we return from break. There is NO excuse for not having your game ready to play by then.
Today in class you will be learning about NXT Lego robots and their backwards compatibility with EV3 software. This is an older generation Lego brick communicating with a newer software. Everything should work perfectly together. It is your mission to get inspired and, along with your group, create and program something that demonstrates your knowledge of engineering and programming.


  • Henry, Sarah, Wyn
  • Nathan, Meghan, Charles
  • Will, Kyleigh, Jared

Do the following:

  1. Get together with your group and watch this video:
  2. Open Lego Mindstorms EV3 Software.
  3. Do some research to figure out how to communicate with the Lego brick then build and program something awesome for me.

Project Due 2/13/17: Complete your Scratch Peripheral project. They will be put on display this day. Next up, Lego Robotics.

Resources EPIC :: DSCOVR website:

Homework Due 1/27/16: Work for at minimum of 30 minutes on your game outside of class time.

You can download JoyToKey here: