CSEd Week – December 5 to 11

Computer Science Education Week is a worldwide initiative with the intention of focusing attention on the importance of K-12 computing education. With it’s popular Hour Of Code activity, the Code.Org organization encourages students to dedicate at least an hour to write code in a variety of languages. This simple goal has opened up the world of computer science and programming to thousands of future technologists.

This year at MPH we will be putting together a series of activities to showcase the brilliance of our students’ CS work. With course offerings ranging from motion picture production to video game design we have a lot to pride ourselves on. Throughout the week students, faculty, and community members will be able to see and take part in the great work that happens on campus.

MPH Film Festival
The Cinematic Storytelling students have been hard at work creating documentary portraits of different faculty members at MPH. Check here or follow us on at @MPHtechnology on Twitter to see the brilliant films are they are released each day.

Monday: Joy Brings Joy about the great work Joy Strickland does as our school counselor.

Tuesday: Albertine Cadin: Detours about Albertine Cadin’s initial career goals and how she became a french teacher at MPH.
Don. The don. about the fashion sense of Mr. Ridall

Wednesday: Wei Gao and her impact on the school as international coordinator and Chinese language teacher.

Thursday: Alex Leclrecq: Dean Of Students exploring his personal philosophies.
Ted Curtis: The Man Behind The Music about the legendary history teacher.


School-Wide Video Game Challenge
With students across all three divisions using the Scratch programming language in a variety of different ways, there will be a challenge for all students to create a video game over the course of the week that will be showcased during tutorial (11:05 to 11:45) on Monday December 12th in the computer lab and library.

Similar to a 24-hour film festival, this game challenge will give students some restrictions to work within in order to spawn media development in a concentrated period of time.

For this challenge students are to create a game that includes either the Farmhouse or one of their favorite MPH traditions (ex: Halloween parade, handshake ceremony, winter carnival, graduation, etc.).

Hour Of Code:
Many of our students have come forward to volunteer their programming services by leading a tutorial group in a Scratch or OpenSCAD activity. These students will become teachers and will work with their classes  on ways to approach Computer Science. The Scratch groups will be creating simple sprites, learning how to program them and have them interact. The OpenSCAD students are going to have the goal of creating a 3D model of a character using the syntax for shapes, translation, and rotation.

Over the course of this hour students will grow more comfortable with these languages and see just how much they can accomplish on a short period of time.


We couldn’t be more excited to get these initiatives off of the ground for Computer Science Education Week. Check back soon for more technology news.

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