Computer Graphics

Project Due 2/7/19: Name logo projects are due at the beginning of class. Remember that you will present these to your peers in class.





Meme Project Requirements – For this project you will research a piece of memic culture, explore why it was successful in trending, and then create your own GIF meme. Keep in mind this is broken into a research component and two production components, all must be completed by the end of class on 4/12/18. These are the required components:

Research a GIF Meme – Write a 1 page paper (12pt font, double spaced) answer the following questions.

  • Who Made It?
  • What was the meme trying to portray to the viewer?
  • What digital venues did it become popular on? (vine, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Why do YOU think it became famous?

Create two animated GIFs (one frame animation and one video animation) that cover the same material but in different ways. This means that a viewer must be able to look at both GIFs and know they are showcasing the same topic.

  • Consider Making Memes That:
    • Bring Awareness To A Cause You Care About
    • Showcases The Different Side Of A Celebrity
    • Explores A Topic Most People Don’t Know About

***Your work must be polished and good enough for internet publication. As you have three classes to work on this I am expecting the highest level of quality***



Homework Due 3/22/18: Complete your self-evaluation and all other required work for the end of the quarter.

BOGO The Logo Project Due 3/7/18: On Wednesday March 7th you will present your Self-Vectorization and Club/Teacher Logo to the class as the last part of your assessment.

Logo Design Research Requirements:

Pick One Industry – Explore 3 companies within that industry.

For each company, research the history of the company and creation of the logo

  • What is the company known for?
  • When was the logo created? Who created the logo?
  • What was the goal of the logo?
  • How has the logo been implemented?

After you have analyzed all three, compare and contrast between them.

  • How does each company’s approach to logo design differ?
  • What commonalities are there between logos?

Put together a 5 minute presentation showcasing your findings


Homework Due 1/29/18: In preparation for our logo research project, research a logo for a company that interests you. Write notes about how the logo is designed and why you believe it is designed that way (color, shape, font choice, imagery, etc.). Then research the history of the logo and try to figure out who created it, when it was created, and what the goals of the company were at the time of creation.




Day 2:

  • Consider your study of theme integration and design related to pinball machines. Come to class with a prepared pitch for what theme you would want to integrate into the class pinball machine. Consider theme, design, mechanics, skill, and obstacles. You will present your pitch to your peers on Tuesday.


Day 4:


Logo Design Project Due on 3/13/17 For Presentation And Evaluation.

Homework Due 2/17/17: Complete your Business Proposal Worksheet and do the logo drawing on the back (colored).

Homework Due 2/9/17: Think about the way in which we turned basic shapes into unique shapes. Consider all of the different possibilities and then settle on an image you would like to create as a vector design in Photoshop. Draw a sketch of the design in your notebook so Mr. Z can check it. The first 15 minutes of class will focus on developing this image.

Homework Due 2/2/17: Think about what you want people to associate with you if the only thing they ever experienced was your logo. Write down 3 three that you want your logo to associate. You will narrow it down to 1 or 2 in class.
Also, don’t forget that you will be presenting your partner using his or her name logo at the beginning of class.

Homework Due 1/31/17: Open a word processing document and type out your full name. Choose a font that represents you (or what you want to represent about yourself). The font must be readable (no wingdings) and you must be able to tell the class why you chose this particular font. Remember, the way a word is presented tells us a lot, choose your font wisely.

Homework Due 1/27/17: Find a logo that you consider to be successful. This means that the logo is able to lure people to a product and it has successful brand recognition. Once you nail down a logo write down a few sentences about it’s purpose (how is it showcased? What is it intended to do?). Then write a paragraph about what this logo is supposed to convey to the viewer. Think about design, color, shape, etc. and how that plays into its success. You will present this logo to your classmates along with the information you’ve written down.

Homework Due 1/25/17: Come to class prepared with your spiral notebook, folder, writing utensil, and open mind. These items will be checked for a homework grade.




  1. Determine 3 logos that you would like to research (try to find ones unique to you and avoid the “top brands” like Apple, Starbucks, Nike, etc.)
  2. Write a paragraph that describes the visuals of each logo.  Your goal is to hone your language so that someone gets a clear visual of the logo just by reading your words. Expect to write at least 3 sentences for each logo.
  3. Write a short paragraph describing why you believe the logo is effective. Why does the logo stand out? Why is it memorable? What do you associate with it?
  4. Research each logo and write a paragraph about the history of the design. Find evidence that explains its goals, why it is designed in a specific way, and who created it.

Homework Due 2/2/16:

  1. Have another conversation with your partner for the logo design project to get to know more about them. Remember that your goal is to get to understand the way in which they think, feel, and associate in order to create a logo that represents that information about them.
  2. Email yourself, or save to a flash drive, an image that is iconic in your opinion. This can be very personalized but this image should hold significant meaning to you. As I used the example in class: Showing you the covers of albums I listen to may not seem iconic because you have not seen them, but they hold significance to me visually.



Need some help making GIFs? Check out this handy-dandy tutorial from Adobe:

Homework Due 3/4/15: Interview 3 separate people at 3 different times (do not interview 3 people at the same time). Ask them about how they perceive you, what they think you are interested in, what they know you for, and what images they think represent you. Write down the answers that each person gave you (minimum 4 sentences per person).
Try to interview people who do not typically interact with each other. For example: Interview a teacher, close friends, and family member. Do not interview three separate family members

Current Project: Representational Self-Portrait Project

Homework Due 2/26/15: In your notebooks, write down three SPECIFIC aspects of your personality that you believe to be true. For example: “I am someone who is always searching to learn more about the people I come in contact with on a daily basis.” There should be a full sentence for each aspect. Statements like “I am random” are unacceptable. This will be graded but you will not be required to share them with the class.

Homework Due 2/5/15: Complete another 6 Step Analysis and write it in your notebook. Make sure to list a minimum of 4 elements for Idiom, Structure, and Craft. This will be graded.

Homework Due 1/30/15: Complete a 6 Step Analysis of any piece of art. Make sure to list a minimum of 4 elements for the Idiom and The Structure. This analysis will be shared with the class.

  • If you missed class on the 26th please read the following document, transcribe the notes in your notebook, and talk to someone who was in class to make sure you understand all of the concepts.

Homework Due 1/26/15: Come to class prepared with your notebook, folder, and a writing utensil.



Homework Due on 4/7/14: Complete your 6-step Analysis paper. Print it off and prepare to hand it in.

Homework Due on 4/3/14: Complete your design for the microfiction assignment and prepare for your presentation.

Homework Due on 3/26/14: Finish microfiction story and prepare for evaluation and your first working day in Photoshop.

Homework Due on 3/24/14:
1) Read Flu, Changing The Channel, and Worry.
2) Write a 1 sentence explanation of the theme and 3 to 4 sentences explaining the way in which the author presents the theme. Do this for each of the three stories.
3) Finish your Twitter narratives

Homework Due on 3/19/14:
1) If your story is unfinished, continue to work on your Twitter story through posts.
2) In the microfiction packet read Sticks by George Saunders. Annotate the story and write a 6 sentence biography about the father character based off of information you deduce (or infer) from the way in which Saunders writes about the character.
3) Read stories Bedtime Story and What The Devil Wanted. Annotate the stories and write at least three sentences per story that explains what happened within the narrative and what you believe happened afterward.

Homework Due on 3/17/14: Create a twitter account for your Twitter microfiction story. Make sure that you do not use your name or the names of anyone at MPH in your username or other account information. Once you create your account tweet these characters “#MPHcgStories” so that I can easily follow you.
Start to write your story 1 tweet at a time. You are permitted to tweet as many times as you please for your story BUT you must have at least 5 sections (5 tweets) for your story up by class on Monday.

Homework Due on 3/6/14:
1) Write a 1 page paper (12 point Times New Roman Font, maximum 2 line heading, double-spaced) that explains your working process. Make sure to include the following information

  • What was your original intention for the project?
  • How does your final piece differentiate from the original goal?
  • Give structural examples of how you created your piece (think of Scott McCloud’s 6 steps)
  • Discuss your fluency with Adobe Photoshop and talk about what skills you improved upon and what skills you could still work at.

2) Prepare for to present your project to the class. You must explain your working process, the ideas you incorporated into the piece, and have 2 open-ended questions to ask the class.

Representational Self Portrait Project Due on 3/6/14.

Homework Due on 2/5/2014: Analyze a piece of art using Scott McCloud’s six steps of art making. Make sure to write down a brief description of the art and each step of the process. You may complete the assignment in your notebook. Please plan to share you analysis in class on Wednesday.

Six Steps Of Art Making