Intro to Programming

Homework Due 10/5/18: Sprite And Gameplay Analysis Assignment due at the beginning of class. Make sure that all of the questions are answered thoroughly and in complete sentences.


Homework Due 1/10/18: Using BlueJ, write a program in Java at home that uses integers, strings, and computations. Please print the program and present it to me in class.

Homework Due 1/8/18: Download BlueJ at home. Make sure it functions and write a program in Java! Do not spend more than 30 minutes on this assignment.

Homework Due 12/5/17: Spend a minimum of 30 minutes making updates to your games based on the results of your beta test. Remember that you will also have an additional class period to finish up the games before they are turned in.

Project Due 12/1/17: Initial draft of your game must be complete and ready to go BY THE BEGINNING OF CLASS so that your peers can beta test it.

Not The Most Dangerous Game Project: You are expected to work on your game a minimum of 30 minutes outside of each class.

Homework Due 11-3-17: Read Mr. Marcum’s packet about memory management and come in to class prepared to talk about it.

Homework Due 10-30-17:

  1. Complete the Scratch UGC content portion of the project, print it, and have it ready to turn.
  2. Start the design work on your game. Spend roughly 30 minutes on design and then plan to discuss the type of game you are creating with the class.

Homework Due 10-13-17: Read through the Sprite Analysis And Gameplay Worksheet then analyze two games listed on the sheet. Remember that this will count as a project grade as it is such a substantial assignment. Ensure that you have completed all of the required components of the assignment before turning it in. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Homework Due 10-2-17: Complete your sprite self portrait in Scratch and prepare to present it to your peers.

Homework Due 9-15-17: Think of your favorite sandwich. In your notebook, write down step-by-step instructions (as clearly as possible) as to how to make your sandwich. Make sure that you put effort into this task but do not spend more than 15 minutes on it.

Homework Due 9-13-17: Do some research into Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Learning systems. Spend ten minutes reading about one of them and come to class prepared to discuss your findings.





Homework Due 1/17/17:

  • Installed BlueJ and the Java JDK on your computer at home. Visit:
  • Write a a program in Java.
  • Email program to yourself so that you can show me next class.


Homework Due 1/4/16:

  • Research the term “Platform Independence.” Learn what it means and write a definition for it.
  • Research the Java language and its history. Write down 5 facts about Java. You are expected to have read enough about the creation of the language that you can talk about more than just these 5 facts.

Major Homework Assignment Due 11/1/16: Complete the Sprite And Gameplay Analysis assignment. Make sure you carefully read the directions and answer each question thoroughly. This will likely take you about 1.5 hours so do not save it until the last minute.

Homework Due 10/7/16: Go to the scratch website ( a create a Scratch account. Make sure to write down your user name and password so that you do not forget it. After you create an account, create a project and develop 2 sprites in it.

Homework Due 10/5/16: Think about your favorite sprite-based video games. Search online for “sprite sheets” for those games. Print one color copy of the sprite sheets and bring them to class.

Homework Due 9/14/16: Identify a process that you would want to communicate to someone (think about our making a PB&J activity). Write down the goal and the first 3 steps in the process. Be as clear with your communication as you can. Your goal is that someone can follow directions efficiently without interpreting things the wrong way.




Homework Due 1/14/16: Research the java.util library. Find 3 functions that java.util has to offer, learn how to use them, and write a quick program to practice how to use it.
Try if you do not have BlueJ on your computer.

(Not Quite) The Most Dangerous Game Project:

  • Due 11/5/15: Read the project guidelines. Come to class prepared to pitch the game you want to create.
  • Due 11/9/15: Complete two of the three Scratch UGC analyses. Plan to share your discoveries in class.
  • Due 11/16/15: Work on programming your game for a minimum of 30 minutes outside of class. Make sure to do this with no distractions (Not a good time to binge watch on Netflix). Your goal is to tackle one major game design hurdle (i.e. Complete your design work, build most of a game mechanic, etc.). You will present your progress to your peers on Monday.
  • Due 12/9/15: Game must be complete and ready for beta testing.
  • Due 12/11/15: Game must be ready to turn in at the beginning of class. Java lessons begin!

Homework Due 10/16/15: Complete at least one game evaluation of the Sprite And Gameplay Analysis assignment. This assignment will be checked.. The remaining analyses will be due on Tuesday October 20th at the beginning of class.

Homework Due 9/18/15: Spend 15 minutes researching the company Flexibits and the app Fantastical. App developer Kent Sutherland will be visiting class. You are required to take notes. They will be checked before class begins.

Homework Due 9/16/15: Examine your weekend and look for moments at which you are playing a game of some kind. Come to class prepared to share examples.

Homework Due 9/11/15: Come to class prepared with your notebook, folder, and writing utensil. Read over the grading rubric and come in prepared to discuss it.

Introduction To Programming Spring 2015

Homework Due 4/23/15: Complete Beta Tests. Print two copies, one to hand to Mr. Z and the other to give to the programmer whose games you tested.

Homework Due 4/17/15: The initial build of your video game MUST BE COMPLETED before the class on Friday the 17.

Assignment Due 3/13/15: Scratch UGC Research portion of the Not Quite The Most Dangerous Game project is due at the beginning of class on Friday, March 13. As you have an additional two days to turn in this assignment, due to my absence Wednesday, you will lose a MINIMUM of 15 points if the assignment is not turned in on time.

Homework Due 3/13/15: Come to class prepared to discuss the type of game that you will be creating. You should know what it is, how it works, and what you think the hardest part to creating it will be. You will talk about your game idea at the beginning of class.

Homework Due 3/4/15: Complete The Sprite And Gameplay Analysis assignment. Remember, this one of two major written graded assignment this year.

Homework Due 2/9/15: Visit the Scratch website ( and create a Scratch account.

Homework Due 1/28/15: Using Binary Code translated to ASCII, write down the Binary Code for 3 separate words (1 with 3 letters, 1 with 4 letters, and 1 with 5 letters).

  • Brief Note: The code should run from largest bit (128) to smallest (1). There for a code that is 10010001 would be 145. We had previously organized our code from smallest bit (1) to largest (128).

Homework Due 1/26/15: Come to class prepared with your notebook, folder, and a writing utensil. Also, in the notebook write down a problem that you solved with a very clear list of directions that you used to solve the problem.





Homework Due 1/7/14: Read, review, and annotate all of your Beta Test Peer Review forms. Complete all remaining Beta Test sheets prior to the beginning of class.

Homework Due 11/19/14: Complete the Game Proposal paper for the Not Quite The Most Dangerous Game project.

Homework Due 11/17/14: Complete the Scratch UGC Research portion of the (Not Quite) The Most Dangerous Game Project.

Homework Due 11/13/14: Complete the Sprite And Game Analysis Assignment. This will result in roughly 5 pages of writing so do not leave it until the last minute. Please email me with any questions. Happy gaming!

Homework Due 10/27/14: Complete the Initial Reflection Paper for the Screensaver Storytelling Project. Late papers will lose 10% per class and will not be accepted after 10/31/14.

Homework Due 10/23/14: Complete The Screensaver portion of the Screensaver Storytelling Project