Web Comics

Web Comics 2017

Homework Due 5/23/17: On your WordPress site experiment with Widgets and plug-ins. With Widgets, as discussed in class, you will likely have to have some so determine which ones will be most beneficial to your site and integrate them.
For plug-ins, research the different types then install one onto your site. See how it works. If you like it you can keep it on your site, if you don’t then delete it and prepare to tell the class about your experience.

Homework Due 5/19/17:

  • Using your newly created WordPress sites, start to customize your site by doing the following:
    • Change colors, fonts, etc. using the theme customize button
    • Create at least 2 posts and put content in them (writing, images, videos, etc.)
    • Create at least 2 pages and put content in them (writing, images, videos, etc.)
  • Visit https://learn.wordpress.com/ as a resource to learn how to navigate the WordPress framework

Homework Due 5/17/17:

  • Visit the WordPress website: www.wordpress.com
  • Create a WordPress account and WordPress website
  • Teach yourself how to create Pages and Posts in WordPress.
  • Warning: Do Not Pay For Anything On This Site. We Will Only Be Using Free Tools

As Discussed In Class:  -Karl Slominski: https://twitter.com/KidReverie

Homework Due 5/9/17: Completely write, pencil, ink, Photoshop format, and save 2 weeks worth of comics. This should mean that when you are done you will have 6 weeks worth of comics (4 from 3rd quarter and 2 new ones).

Homework Due 5/1/17: Write, pencil, ink, and prepare another web comics strip for formatting. This should be your fifth comic.

Homework Due 4/27/17: Come to class prepared with the first line from your favorite book.

Homework Due 4/12/17: Check out all of the different hosting sites for web comics. Choose two, create accounts, and explore their means of setting up a site, uploading your work, and promoting it.
The sites are as follows:

Final Semester Work Due 3/31/17:

  • Complete 4 weeks of web comics content (likely 4 strips).
    • All strips must be written, penciled, inked, formatted, and lettered.
    • Each strip must be saved as a JPG file in your folder labeled week1.jpg, week2.jpg, week3.jpg, and week4.jpg.

Homework Due 3/13/17: Draw and ink ONE PANEL from your comic. This panel should be at least the size of one of the sketch book pages (5.5in x 8.5). You will be pitching your comic idea to the class as well as formatting and coloring this page in Photoshop.

Homework Due 3/8/17: Draw and ink a character from your comic. At the beginning of class you will be required to digitally copy and format the image for print using Photoshop.

Homework Due 3/6/17: By next class you should have a clear idea as to what you want your comic to be. You should come to class with one of the following complete:

  • Design a second character along with name and backstory
  • Draw a single panel from the comic so we get an idea of tone

Homework Due 3/2/17: Create a character and draw it in your sketch book. This should be a character that is created 100% by YOU (not a character that pre-exists in other media). The character does not have to be one you plan to use in your web comic but it would be beneficial to you if you had a web comic plan for it.

Class work 2/15/17:

  1. Visit the website for The Abominable Charles Christopher and start at the beginning of the story
    1. Link found here: http://abominable.cc/post/44164796353/episode-one
  2. Read The Abominable Charles Christopher for 15 minutes and take notes in your notebooks. Comment on your initial reactions, the format, art style, storytelling style, and your perceived business model.
  3. Complete the Web Comics Scavenger Hunt (found in your class folder) – Web Comics Scavenger Hunt is due for homework if it is not completed in class.

Homework Due 2/9/17: Complete your first 3 flip book cards. Bring them to class for review to ensure you’re on the right track.

Homework Due 2/2/17: Read the first 17 pages of Literature…..Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953: Click Here To Download The PDF
Pay Attention To The Following Things:

  • Page 1 and page 3 are the same illustration. Page 1 is digitally manipulated while page 3 shows the line work.
  • He has a unique lettering style that typically portrays speech both with and without word balloons.
  • Consider how he incorporates his research into the work. Remember, each comic was created in roughly 1 day’s time.

Homework Due 1/30/17: Complete this week’s sketch challenge and turn it in to Mr. Z on MONDAY MORNING. You are to draw an MPH teacher as a super hero and include their super hero name and powers.

Homework Due 1/27/17: Read The Spirit Of Bacardi by Warren Ellis and Mike Allred. This is a PDF so please read it on the device you have dedicated to reading PDF and CBR files (as explained in the syllabus)
After reading the story pick one silent panel on a page and write a few sentences about the significance of that panel. What does that panel (in connection with the ones around it) tell us that words can not?

Homework Due 1/25/17: Consider our conversation today about the class and the importance of telling stories. Listen to Neil Gaiman’s introduction to the anthology “Stories” here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3YlEFLvEE0DTFkzSnJOV0VOY2c
Write down a brief (1/2 page) analysis of his theories of storytelling. Tell me how you feel about what he considers to be a “successful story” and provide an example of a story you’ve experienced that accomplished this type of success.





Web Comics 2014

Homework 5/30/14:
Bring in food for the last class. As discussed in class, everyone is expected to contribute.

Homework Due 5/28/14:
1) Scan, format, and upload your next comic so it publishes at 12:02AM on Wednesday May 28th.
2) Sketch Challenge 1: Choose a comic character that you love. This character can be from newspaper strips, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, etc. Now think about what specific attributes make someone identifiable as an MPH student. Re-draw your favorite comic character as though he/she were a student at MPH.
3) Research different paintings by Norman Rockwell. Once you find one that you enjoy I would like to to try to re-draw that painting BUT make swap out one of the people and replace him/her with a character from your comic. Norman Rockwell was famous for his understanding of expressive anatomy (the way in which the facial expression and implied movement to help express how a character feels or thinks). Try to incorporate that type of expressive anatomy in your recreation.

Homework Due 5/19/14:
1. Bring in all of your comic strips for grading.
2. Update your website so your second comic will publish on on Wednesday May 21 at midnight oh one.
3. Pencil an additional comic and ink another. This should give you a total of 10 penciled strips and 4 inked strips.

Homework Due 5/9/14: Watch one interview from Stripped and take notes about the main discussion points. When you find the interviewee gives insight into the working process or marketing of a comic write these ideas down and plan to discuss them in class.

Homework Due 5/7/14: Complete 1/2 Self Portrait (penciled and inked)

Homework Due 5/1/14
1) Finish watching the film Stripped and prepare to discuss it in class
2) Complete inking a second strip for the web comic. You should have two fully inked strips to show in class.

Class Work 4/29/14:
Web Comics Marketing Research
1) Visit www.comic-rocket.com
2) Search through and find a comic that you HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE and read a few strips from it.
3) Analyze the creator’s site and examine the way in which the web comic is marketed
4) Write a ¾ page paper in Times New Roman Font with a two line heading consisting of your name and title of the assignment (Web Comics Marketing Research). The content of the paper is to be double-spaced.
5) When you have proofread and edited the paper, saved it to the class folder, and handed in a printed copy to Krauss move on to the Drawing Practice.

Resources: Comic Rocket as web comics search engine

Homework Due on 4/29/14:
Watch the film Stripped by Dave Kellett. Digital copies can be found in the class folder and can be accessed from Citrix

Homework Due on 4/17/14:
1) reading the Characters chapter in How To Make Webcomics
2) ink one strip and prepare for a critique

Homework Due on 4/15/14:
Have 8 strips completed and ready for publication (excludes the inking process). Prepare for a full class critique.

Homework Due on 4/3/14:
1) Pimp your WordPress website. Explore the interface and customize it to match a color scheme that you plan to market.
2) Draw 2 character designs and write 1-2 sentences a piece explaining each character.
3) Find one page or panel within the comic you picked up from the library. This panel should intrigue you for some reason. Prepare to discuss the page/panel and what makes it so innovative in class.

Homework Due on 3/28/14:
Complete 4th comic strip. Prepare to ink and build websites in class.
Pick up a graphic novel or comic collection from the MPH library that you have never read before. Read it over the weekend and prepare to critically discuss it in class on Tuesday.

Homework Due on 3/26/14:
1) First 3 comic strips NEED to be completed by the beginning of class Wednesday. Work ethic is everything!

Comics discussed in class
Tales From The Con
Hark, A Vagrant
Evil Inc.

Homework Due on 3/24/14:
1) Read up to page 18 in How To Make Webcomics. Annotate anything you think is pertinent or interests you. Research the 4 authors, review their webcomics, and prepare to discuss them in class.
2) Write and draw your 3rd strip.
3) Review the Ithaca Comic Book Convention Website and research the following creators: J. G. Hertzler, Will Dennis, Tom Peyer, Allan Pollack, and Roger Stern.
4) Polish off your pitch and prepare to hand it in.

Homework Due on 3/19/14: Write a 1.5 page double spaced paper in Times New Roman font that looks critically at one of the Batman/Superman stories you were handed in class. You are to research the cartoonists who wrote and illustrated the story you chose and prepare to talk about them in class.
Examples of topics to write about include:
1) Explore the concept of a super villain by comparing the intentions of The Joker with Lex Luthor
2) How do the cartoonists reflect their source material research in Lex and The Joker?
3) How do varying art styles reflect content differently in Night and Day?
4) How do panel layouts teach you about relationship between characters?
Also, finalize your pitch and prepare to present it to the class.

Homework Due on 3/17/14: Write your Pitch Paragraph for your website. This statement must explain what your webcomic while also intrigue a reader to want to read your story. Keep in mind that it should be at least 8 sentences and the tone of your story should match your comic.
Keep in mind that this will be part of your webcomics Production Packet which consists of the following items: 3 Character sketches with descriptions, the Pitch Paragraph, 20 publishable examples of the strip, business cards/fliers/posters, and a defined logo. These other items will be due throughout the course.

Homework Due on 3/13/14: Complete your second strip for your webcomic. Prepare for a critical discussion of your work and for the next steps in marketing it.

Homework Due on 3/11/14:
1) Read the single page Little Nemo In Slumberland comics and annotate them. Pay specific attention to the panel structure.
2) Pencil your first comic strip for your web comic. Think about format and the way in which you want each follow up strip to look. Draw the comic in your sketchbook. Keep in mind this does not have to be the first comic you plan to post. Focus on telling a succinct story rather than explain the entire world in just a few panels.
3) Read the first 10 pages of The Stuff Of Legend script book. Compare with the results in the collected edition and annotate the script.

Homework Due on 3/6/14:
1) Read Deadpool 1 including the script and prelim components at the end of the issue. Takes notes and prepare to discuss the work.
2) Read Only Living Boy and take notes for discussion.
Make sure to focus on the idea of “building worlds.”

Homework Due on 3/4/14:
1) read and annotate the Batman packet for discussion.
2) read Wild Blue Yonder and take notes in your notebook.

Homework Due on 2/28/14:
1) For your sketch challenge this week you must begin drawing character prelims for your web comic. Draw a minimum of 3 elements that the reader will experience in your comic. These can be locations, characters, or logos. Try to focus your work on character design as that can be the hardest element to design.
2) Read the first 2 stories in the batman collection. Annotate the stories and prepare to discuss them in class.

Web comics:

Abominable Charles Christopher
Only Living Boy

Homework Due on 2/26/14:
1) Write a 1 page synopsis/pitch for the web comic you are proposing. Within this paragraph you should explain the type of comic this will be (serialized narrative, single panel gag, visual poetry, comic situation comedy, etc.), the type of art style you will employ, the characters the readers will meet, who this will be marketed to, and why you are drawn to this idea. This paper is to be typed and handed in on Wednesday.
2) Download a CBR reader (Comic Book Archive Reader) for your computer or table. You will need this in the coming classes in order to view some of the comics we will be reading digitally. You can download Comic Book Rack if you struggle to find one.

Mike Raicht Suggested Reading List:
1) Stephen King – On Writing
2) Stephen King – The Boogeyman
2) Syracuse.com Article About Mike

Homework Due on 2/23/14: Stuff Of Legend sketch challenge. Repurpose a character from The Stuff Of Legend and draw him/her in your sketchbook. Draw this person in your own style. Keep in mind these drawings will be shown to the comic’s creator so spend some time on it.

Homework Due on 2/13/14: Finish reading The Stuff Of Legend.
Keep in mind that Mike Raicht visits our class when we return from break.

Homework Due on 2/11/14:
1)Examine the website for Ten Ton Studios and look at previous entries for the Pokemon Sketch Challenge. Research a Pokemon character of your choosing and draw a sketch of this character in your sketchbook. You are encouraged to try to convey some basic narrative within your sketch.
2) Read chapter 2 of The Stuff Of Legend and prepare to discuss it on Tuesday. We will discuss chapters 1 and 2 on Tuesday so please annotate with post-it notes or slips of paper. Keep in mind that you will be required to complete the ENTIRE book by Thursday so you may want to read ahead.

Homework Due on 2/7/14:
1) In your sketchbook, illustrate 3 separate faces that all convey the same emotion.

Homework Due on 2/5/14:
1) Review the full page spread at the beginning of chapter 1 in The Stuff Of Legend. Write 6 to 8 sentences about one character and how he/she visually transitioned from the beginning of the book.
2) Read Chapter 1 of The Stuff Of Legend and annotate it with post-it notes or make notes in your notebook to discuss in class.

Homework Due on 2/3/14:
1) Read the preface (the first 20 pages) of The Stuff Of Legend. DO NOT READ PAST THE DOOR CLOSING.
2) On the first page of your sketchbook draw in a style you are comfortable with. You may choose whatever the content is (ex: a figure, character, still-life, landscape, etc.). The drawing must be large and should take up at least 3/4 of the page.

Bonus Read To Be Discussed On Monday: http://www.fastcompany.com/3025621/ka-pow-marvel-opens-massive-comic-book-images-archive-and-api-to-fans-developers