Web Design

Spring 2019

HTML Website projects due 2-28-18. Your websites must be complete and you must be ready to present them to the class.






Spring 2018

WordPress.com Websites Due 4/5/18. Sites must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Navigation of site must be logical
  • The site must have a clear goal (what does the reader get from the site?)
  • Consistent visual aesthetic
  • Reason for theme choice (what does this theme do for you that others do not?)
  • at least 3 pages
  • at least 3 blog posts

Homework Due 3/21/18: For homework tonight you must complete:

  • Thoroughly complete your self-evaluation including the comments section
  • Read the packet about WordPress

Homework Due 1/29/18: Complete your research for the Worst Website presentation. Make sure that you have notes about each of the following aspects of the site –

  • Website URL
  • Goal Of The Site
  • Load Times
  • Visual Aesthetic
    • Color
    • Logo
  • Organization
    • Map Of The Site
    • Language
  • Functionality
    • Can you get to where you want to go easily?
    • How does the site look on different devices?

You will have 15 minutes at the beginning of class to put the final touches on what you will present. Plan to present your site to the class on Monday.

Homework Due 1/26/18:

  1. Use an online resource to teach yourself a new skill. This should take you roughly 30 minutes. Plan to discuss the skill you learn in class.
  2. If the Asimov discussion was interesting to you, I highly suggest researching Ursula K LeGuin.






Homework Due 4/21/16:

  1. Determine what your website is going to be about.
  2. Come in with all prepared text for the website (about pages, posts, etc.)
  3. Come in with all of the images you are going to require.
  4. Do not spend more than 20 minutes doing this preparation. Try to work quickly.

Homework Due 1/7/15:

  • Finalize all of the pages you need for your WordPress site. Every. Single. One.
  • Put together 3 to 5 posts to make sure you understand how they appear on the site.
  • We will have a guest coder here to help. It is imperative that you know how you want the website to look (formatting, color, font, etc.) before class begins.

Homework Due 12/18/14:

  • Decide on a WordPress them and explore it. This means that you know the customization and theme option menus by heart.
  • Write 3 posts and 3 pages then adjust them using Menus
  • Figure out where your widgets post

Homework Due 12/10/14: Read This Forbes WordPress Article and write down three questions or points to discuss.

Homework Due 11/24/14: Complete all aspects of theĀ To Web Space And Beyond – First Final Dreamweaver project. This included the Web Page Revamp and Self Evaluation segments.

Homework Due 10/8/14: Complete the Business Proposal Worksheet portion of the Contently Scaffolding Content project. Have it ready to hand in at the beginning of class.
You will start your logo design in class on Wednesday.

Creating GIF animations today in class:





Homework Due 9/17/14: Finish Representational Self-Portrait. Plan to present in class on Thursday.